Selling Business to Business to Win

Video Coaching Modules

  1. Are You Ready To Sell?
    - Take our sales readiness self-assessment.
  2. Power Prospecting Strategies
    - Powerful phone, email and social engagement strategies.
  3. High-Gain Questions
    - Learn when, why and how to ask high-gain questions.
  4. The Ultimate Sales Call
    - See how to prepare and maximize your effectiveness.
  5. Objection Handling Strategies & Pro Responses
    - How to overcome common resistance with pro responses.
  6. Effective Presentation Skills
    - Pro tips for delivering an effective presentation.
  7. Qualifying Sales Opportunities
    - Let’s make sure you’re focusing on real opportunities.
  8. Pro Proposal Pro Tips
    - Discover how to make your proposal more compelling.
  9. Negotiating Best Practices
    - Proven techniques to protect your margin.
  10. Gaining Commitment
    - Best practices to secure the business.