Selling Managed Print to Win

Video Coaching Modules

1. The Business Case For MPS
     - The compelling need for Managed Print.

2. Prospecting for MPS Opportunities
     - How to prioritize accounts & book more MPS appointments.

3. Vertical Market Selling Strategies
     - Industry-specific pain points that create MPS opportunities.

4. Top 7 MPS Sales Mistakes
     - How to identify and avoid common MPS sales cycle pitfalls!

5. Handling MPS Objections
     - Pro responses to real world MPS resistance.

6. TCO Calculation Strategies
     - Critical data collection strategies to maximize your MPS profits.

7. Presenting Your MPS Proposal
     - How to prepare & present to maximize your success.

8. Effective Quarterly Business Reviews
     - Execution best practices to grow pages under contract!