Selling Managed IT To Win

Video Coaching Modules

  1. The Need for Managed IT
    - The Evolution of Office Technology
    - The Business Need for Managed IT Services
    - Interview With CIO
  2. Prospecting Strategies
    - How to Identify IT Decision Makers
    - Engagement Strategies – Phone, Email & Social
    - Live Demonstrations With Coaching
  3. Sales Call Effectiveness
    -  Pre-call Planning
    - Power Questions to Uncover Pain & Qualify Opportunities
    - How to Gain Commitment to Next Steps
  4. Handling Resistance
    - Objection Handling Template
    - Pro Responses to Common IT Objections
    - Role Play Demonstrations
  5. Qualifying Opportunities & Engaging Your Solutions Specialist
    - Qualifying Questions to Ask
    - Red Flags to Be Aware of
    - Best Practices to Introduce Your IT Specialist
    - Role Play Demonstrations