USD 299.00

LinkedIn to Win

Accelerate your success using the #1 business networking
platform – LinkedIn. Each video is accompanied by a step by step
sales playbook to help you use LinkedIn to win right away!

USD 995.00

Selling Business to Business to Win

Features 10 topical video modules jam packed with real-world scenarios, actor simulations, step by step coaching, testing, playbook and certificate of completion.

10 Reviews
USD 499.00

Selling Business to Business to Win - Cartridge World Edition

Customized for Cartridge World franchisees. This course features practical selling tips to start and win more B2B deals.

Includes 10 video modules jam packed with practical Cartridge World examples now used by hundreds for franchisees world wide.

USD 495.00

Selling Document Management to Win

Convert Unstructured Document Processes into Recurring Revenues!

USD 495.00

Selling Managed IT To Win

This popular program features a live CIO revealing why small to
medium size businesses outsource IT services. Reps learn how to engage key contacts, execute a sales call and qualify opportunities to make the most of Subject Matter Experts.

USD 795.00

Selling Managed Print to Win

Get the latest sales insights and best practices to create more sales opportunities and win more profitable pages under contract. New hires to tenured MPS sales executives will benefit from best practices right across the Managed Print sales cycle.

1 Reviews
USD 2465.00

Millennial New Hire Solutionist Bundle

Become a power seller of all your managed services with these 5 courses.

Course included:
LinkedIn to Win
Selling Business to Business to Win
Selling Managed Print to Win
Selling Document Management to Win
Selling Managed IT Services to Win

Learning Path
If you sell office technology products and services this on-demand learning continuum is for you.

Our clients who are Dealers, Agents, VARs and Managed Service Providers and OEMs tell us these courses have accelerated their new hire learning curve, made their tenured sellers stronger and shown their sales generalists how to hunt for services outside their comfort zone.

This on demand continuum is jam packed with practical selling strategies presented in engaging millennial friendly videos.